Helping People….Changing Lives

For Kids

  • Do you have a safe place to stay for the night?
  • Do you feel safe in your home?
  • Does your home have heat, electricity, and running water?
  • Do you have food to eat at home?

If you answered ‘NO’ to ANY of these questions – call us! We are here to help!

The Safe House is the place to come to get help.  We can offer you a safe place to stay, food to eat, and help with problems you may be having.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year – Call 1-866-877-9647

For Parents

  • At The Safe House, our first priority is the safety and well-being of your child.
  • Our goal is to work with the entire family to improve relationships, mediate conflict, and encourage reunification whenever possible.
  • Support Groups, Educational Groups, and Workshops are available at no cost to your family.
  • Following discharge from The Safe House, aftercare is offered for up to ninety days to assist in maintaining the stabilization of your family.
  • Your family may be eligible for additional services offered by Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc.

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Mediation Services are also available for families.

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Links for Everyone

Youth aged up to 18 can access Safe House services on a voluntary basis.  Youth receive Case Management services which include developing a Youth Development Plan and setting personal goals, receiving referrals for additional services, family meetings and mediations, and a transition plan to encourage family reunification.

Safe House staff offer supportive services to youth and families through Life Skills education and family and community based activities.

While in the Safe House, youth participate in a variety of enrichment activities to assist in Personal Asset Development.  Activities include financial literacy education, civic responsibility education, healthy lifestyles education, and community service projects.


Aftercare Services:

Aftercare supportive services are offered to youth and families transitioning out of Youth Residential Services to assist in goal achievement, maintain connections to agency support staff, and increase community connectivity.

Support services are available for up to ninety days to provide youth and families referrals and access to additional supportive services. Families are invited to participate in community events to strengthen relationships and increase supports.