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Health Care Plan (HCP) Consultation services are offered by an approved Health Care Consultant (HCC) and scheduled on an as needed basis. 

If you are a licensed or registered day care provider or a legally exempt child care provider, who provides state subsidized child care, and you choose to administer medication to children in your care you must be in compliance with the Health and Infection Control regulations.
In order to be in compliance with the Health and Infection Control regulation, a completed Health Care Plan must be reviewed and approved by an approved HCC in addition to Medication Administration Training.
Caretakers that administer medications must hire a health care consultant who will review and approve the caretaker’s health care plan and training certificates.
The health care consultant must also visit the day care program to review the program’s health care plan at least once every two years.

Health Care Plan Guidelines can be found at:

To learn more about Health Care Plan Consultation Services, contact the Child Care Council at 716-661-9430.