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Whether you are a new provider or have been for a long time and just need suggestions, we are here to assist you!


 Basic Technical Assistance (TA)

This service is provided to child care providers, trainers, stakeholders and businesses. It can be accessed through phone, email, or face to face. Basic technical assistance services occur when the Child Care Council provides information and guidance on best practices for providing child care, indicators of quality child care, information on business administration practices and regulations governing program compliance issues specific to that program and training follow-up, to name a few. This service does not require a site visit and is less than one hour in duration.

 Intensive Technical Assistance (ITA)

Intensive TA (on-site) occurs when Child Care Council staff provide information specific to a child care provider/program on topics including the topics mentioned for Basic TA. ITA is conducted in person and is for the duration of at least an hour. The outcome of ITA is increased program quality as evidenced through various evaluations.

 Ongoing Intensive Technical Assistance Services

Ongoing Intensive Technical Assistance services are delivered face to face and consist of, but are not limited to, the topics listed above and personalized on-site training.  Ongoing ITA requires an individual or program to commit to an ongoing support and monitoring agreement between the Child Care Council and the program. This form of ITA consists of multiple visits from the TA Specialist for support and guidance in addressing a TA request initiated by the child care program/provider or by a Registrar or Licenser to address regulatory issues. The number of monitoring/guidance visits is determined by the Council and child care provider as a team, usually lasting 3-4 months.


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