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Indicators of a Quality Program


Group Size

Smaller group sizes allows for more one-onone attention and individualized care.


The fewer children per adult, the more likely your child is to receive individualized attention.

Family Involvement

How does the program involve the family? Do they tell you when special events are going to happen? Do they tell you about your child’s day?

Caregiver Education and Turnover

What experience and education does the teacher or provider have? Is the turnover of staff high or low? A program that has long term staffing provides more stability for your child.

Health and Safety

As a parent you want the healthiest, safest, highest quality child care available. Make sure when you search for child care you ask questions regarding the health and safety of the program. Where is the first aid kit? How many emergency exits are there? How often is the site cleaned? How often are the toys cleaned?


Does the program have additional qualifications/ accreditation beyond what is required, indicating a higher quality program?


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