Helping People….Changing Lives

If you are a parent you can…

  • Receive free child care referrals
  • Receive information on Earned Income Tax Credits
  • Receive assistance in choosing the right care for your child
  • Receive information on financial assistance

If you are a provider or interested in becoming one you can…

  • Attend the “Starting a Family Child Care Business Class” offered by the Council
  • Participate in the CACFP reimbursement food program
  • Receive on-site technical assistance
  • Attend OCFS approved child care trainings

If you are a business you can…

  • Receive Enhanced Child Care Referral Services, onsite seminars, information booths and/or financial assistance information personalized to the needs of specific employee groups

The Child Care Council supports community action through…

  • Collecting and analyzing child care information to support those investing in young children
  • Advocating for children, parents, providers and businesses speaking out at community, state and national forums
  • Stimulating public awareness of child care issues through articles, newsletters, public speaking and other written materials

For more information on this or any of our services, please contact us


(716) 661-9430 ext. 2261