Helping People….Changing Lives
Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. has a history of providing housing services that date back to the mid-1970s. The agency has been able to develop a broad range of capabilities in affordable housing development, management, rehabilitation and counseling.

From shelter as basic need for survival to realizing the American Dream of home ownership, the Housing Division coordinates a continuum of services that meet low income individuals and families at their level of need and offers the opportunity to become self-sufficient and economically secure. The Division directly offers emergency services to alleviate crisis situations, supportive services that stabilize housing options, opportunities for home ownership, energy conservation and renovation services that assist homeowners in maintaining the value of what is often a family’s largest economic asset: their property.

The Division also supports the agency mission of mobilizing resources by supporting activities throughout the County. Collaborating with local governments and grass roots community groups allows the agency to use local resources to leverage State and Federal support for locally identified priorities that will improve the quality of life in Chautauqua County and promote economic growth and development.

Several departments of county government have recognized COI’s capabilities in these areas and have contracted with the agency to carry out various services. COI staff members are also involved in state and local planning efforts for affordable housing and related issues. Examples of this participation include: the Chautauqua County Homeless Coalition, and the NYS Rural Housing Coalition.