Helping People….Changing Lives

COI can partner with Schools to work with special needs students to assist them in finding and developing skills necessary for the world of work

COI provides life skills and employability training, through special supervised job placement and ongoing job coaching.  Itinerary includes community service and experiential trips to various locations in the community for possible employment, and/or independent living training.

As a result of this service students will have:

  • Increased job skills and employability
  • Increased independent living skills
  • Increased financial literacy
  • Increased civic responsibility
  • Increased attendance and GPA at school
  • Improved social skills
  • Decreased behavior issues

School districts will have:

  • Decreased cost to school per student
  • Increased family participation in students education

Students from this service have gone on to find gainful employment in the community as a direct result of experiences they gained at COI.

If your school district would like to know more about how to set up a partnership with COI so that we can bring our expertise to your school district please Contact Us