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The Home Care PCA Training provides an educational opportunity for individuals to participate in classroom and skills training, fulfilling curriculum requirements and completing the class, enabling them to become gainfully employed as personal care aides.
  • “Home Care Core Curriculum” is a 40 hour training course approved by the NYS Department of Social Services.
  • Additional training on Alzheimer’s Disease and Basic Life and Soft Skills has been incorporated into this training.
  • Training consists of classroom teaching and participation, periodic testing, skills performance and completion of final exam.
  • Training is provided by a NYS Registered Nurse as needed
  • Participants receive a certificate upon completion of the course and are generally employed by the agency.
  • Staff can access additional training to work with Alzheimer’s patients and individuals with Developmental disabilities.

There are 2 levels of Personal Care Aides (PCA’s)

  • Level I – performs housekeeping, laundry and shopping.
  • Level II – performs the same as Level I as well as personal care (bathing, dressing, toileting, etc).
  • A person is NOT required to take the training to be Level I.
  • Personal Care Aide (PCA) training classes are offered and scheduled every 6 weeks at alternating sites – North and South County.
To become trained as a PCA, an employment application for COI’s  Health Services Division in the Home Care Service must be completed. Applications are available on-line, or with any of COI’s receptionists.
Training services are available for outside agencies on a fee for service basis.
Contact us for more information at 1-800-724-7161