Helping People….Changing Lives

 Please join COI in congratulating Mary Lou Bailen and Dan Mets who have both been promoted to ensure the smooth flow of agency operations!

Mary Lou Bailen has been promoted from Deputy CFO to agency CFO.  Mary Lou is skilled in her current role as Deputy CFO and has a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Management.  Not only does she meet the job requirements and Head Start mandates for the position, she has also been filling in when needed over the past 6 months.  Welcome and congratulations Mary Lou!  Over the next few months, Mary Lou will be evaluating the needs of her department to determine staffing needs and workflow improvements.


Dan Mets has been promoted from IT Manager to IT/Central Services Director. Dan is skilled in his current role as the IT Manager and has shown great amounts of initiative in moving the agency forward over the last year. Dan has experience working with B&G and currently oversees work orders and billing for B&G department. This new position will allow Dan to focus on the administration piece of IT/Central Services and B&G can focus on completing work orders in the field. Dan has many ideas for improvement and cost savings. Congratulations Dan!!!