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Minorities with Developmental

Q. What is MODD?
A. MODD stands for the Minority Outreach for the Developmentally Disabled program. 
Q.  What does MODD do?
A. The Minority Outreach for the Developmentally Disabled (MODD) program promotes increased health outcomes and self advocacy in health by empowering minorities with disabilities and their family members through increased access to health care, case management, translation and transportation assistance.
Q.  Who is eligible to participate in MODD?
A. 1. Anyone diagnosed with documentation, with a developmental disability as characterized by:
          *Cerebral palsy
          *Mental Retardation
          *Neurological impairment
          *Down Syndrome
          *Spina Bifida and more
    2.The developmental disability must have been diagnosed and documented prior to the age of 22.
    3. The developmental disability is expected to last a lifetime.
Q. What documents are required?
 A.  *Self identifying documents (birth certificate, social security card, ID etc. )
      *Documents of disability, (school and or provider records that include reports of assessments prepared by qualified practitioners that support a qualifying diagnosis of developmental disability.
      *Proof of Medicaid eligibility.