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Migrant & Seasonal Farmworker

Q. What doe MSFW stand for?

A.  Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker

Q.  Who qualifies for the program?

A.  Anyone who’s a Migrant or Seasonal Agriculture or Farm Worker

Q.  What’s the meaning of Migrant & Seasonal?

A.  *  Migrant Worker-individual who is required to be absent from a permanent
place of residence for the purpose of seeking employment in agricultural work.
     *   Seasonal Worker-Individuals who are employed in farm work but do not
move from their permanent residence to seek farm work.  They may also have other sources of employment.
Q.  How long am I eligible for the program if I am a migrant or seasonal farm worker?
A.  Two years however, if you move between counties for work or residence, you could be eligible longer. 
Q.  What services are offered?
A.  *Outreach and education
     *Referrals to community resources such as MOM’s program, the Department of Health and Human Services, WIC, The Resource Center, the Chautauqua Center, etc.
     *Assistance with securing a medical & dental home.
     *Case Management
     *Assistance with transition and transportation to and from medical and dental appointments.