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Health Care Consultancy Services:

Assist providers/programs in complying with the regulations concerning Health Care Plan requirements of the Administration of Medication, the care of infants and the care of mildly ill children. All licensed and registered providers/programs, prospective programs/providers and legally exempt providers are eligible for the following services: 

  • Technical Assistance
  • Site Visits
  • Training on the requirements of a health care plan
  • Plan approval and plan renewal

For further information on this service please contact the Child Care Council at 716-661-9430 or email


MAT—Medication Administration Training

To apply for MAT rebate funds call, 1-800-295-9616 or go online to: and you will find a link that will be listed to click on for MAT information.

After the course has been completed and passed, participants can apply for a rebate to off set some of the registration cost.

Providers are required:

  • To have a current Infant and Adult CPR certification.
  • To have a current First Aid certification.
  • Before administering medication to the children, providers must be MAT certified.

Questions?? Contact Chautauqua Child Care Council at 661-9430.