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This service will encourage fathers to spend positive and quality time with their children, and support the positive involvement of both parents, as it emphasizes team parenting.  Parents are encouraged to build healthy and respectful relationships, resolve conflicts, agree on child-rearing practices, and resolve issues, as is it is important to the healthy development of children and increases their chances of leading a safe, happy childhood and growing into mature adults.

  • Opportunities to participate in activities with children to encourage quality time
  • Participate in Dedicated DadsFun events organized for and by Dads/significant males to spend time with their children and network with other Dads/significant males
  • Assistance with employment barriers
  • Assistance with court barriers
  • Linkages with other parents to build support networks and encourage new friendships
  • Strategies on helping parents communicate and co-parent to sustain household happiness and life stability
  • Access to intensive therapy for couples in a safe environment
  • Budgeting and financial planning help
  • Relationship building skills in working with schools and parents

Opportunities for fathers to take on a leadership role through positive fatherhood practices will be supported by building upon strengths and increasing connection to children, family community.  Participants will have access to many supports and opportunities to achieve personal and family goals.

Preparing to be Dad

  • Pre-Dad Checklist – everything you need to succeed
  • Support Opportunities
  • Education Based on What You Need
  • Peer Groups focused on the excitement and the challenges of becoming a father
  • And much more!View our Fatherhood brochure here

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