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Q. Do I have to get health insurance even if I can’t afford it?

A. All Americans must obtain Health Insurance.  You may receive an IRS Penalty if you fail to enroll.  There are many plans that are free, subsidized and low cost options depending on your individual situation.

Q. How do I sign up for Health Insurance coverage?

A. You can connect to: and complete an application online or make an appointment with a certified en-roller.

Q. How do I get help completing my Health Insurance application?

A. If you require assistance or have questions, COI has Certified Health Insurance En-rollers who specialize in assisting you to obtain health insurance coverage.  Call 716-366-8176 or 716-661-9430 to make an appointment with our staff.

Q. How long does it take to enroll and what should I bring?

A. It typically takes an hour to go through the enrollment process.  Be sure to bring Social Security Numbers for all family members, birth dates for all family members and proof of income if varied from last year’s income.

Q. How much can I make and get free insurance?

A. Each family situation is different.  Your monthly and out of pocket expense is dependent on your income, family size, plans selected and other factors.  There are programs available to assist in the cost and even free coverage if you qualify.