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Home Care Services 

Q.        What is personal home care assistance?
A.        Home care services is assistance with activities of daily living which would include bathing, dressing, assistance in the bathroom, light housekeeping, laundry, linen changes, meal preparation and running errands.  
Q.        Who can receive home care services?
A.        Individuals of all age groups and with a variety of personal needs may benefit from receiving home care services.  Nursing staff would make an initial home visit and complete a nursing assessment to determine your needs.   
Q.        What are some signs that might indicate the need for home care services?
A.        Some things to look for when visiting an elderly loved one include: is the house tidy? Do they have adequate groceries in the house? Have you noticed any weight loss?  Has personal hygiene declined?  Are there memory problems?  Another great source of information is their primary care physician.   
Q.        Is there anything care providers are not allowed to do?
A.        They cannot do anything that would be described as clinical or invasive. They cannot administer medications, monitor blood pressure or blood glucose levels.  We provide a list of other things in the procedure manual that cannot be done by an aide. 
Q.        Is the same caregiver sent each time care is scheduled?
A.        We strive for continuity of care with the staff that is providing the elder care, especially when an effort has been made to match the right personalities and care needs.   Familiarity and routines make everything much more comfortable for the person receiving the care.
Q.        How does your agency select caregivers?
 A.        We have a screening process that includes background checks and verification of qualifications.  Nurses meet with family members to get detailed information in order to put together a plan of care.  By doing this, we can ensure that each employee that we send out has all of the skills to address the needs of each client.