Helping People….Changing Lives

Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. has provided child care resource and referral services through its Chautauqua Child Care Council since 1992.  

The Child Care Council is committed to quality services for all children.  We recognize the critical need for quality child care as well as the opportunity child care presents as a small business enterprise.  The Child Care Council provides services for those seeking to open a child care business, for those parents needing a quality environment for their children that supports employment, and for the community as a whole by assisting in the development of a comprehensive network of care options that support and encourage economic growth and development. The Council supports low income parents by offering pre-eligibility screenings for child care subsidies.

The Council is committed to partnerships and collaborations that combine resources and promote increased options for the community as a whole.  We are dedicated to advocacy that informs, empowers and unites all those committed to excellence in early care and education.  We represent the needs of consumers, build networks of common interest and educate the public.  We advocate for the rights of parents and children.  We support training and education for parents and the larger community in an effort to improve the quality of early care and education.