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Conducting a Child Care Search

Once you receive your listing of Child Care Providers, be sure to:

1.  Call all of the providers on the listing and ask them all of the questions you are interested in (during a phone interview).

2.  Look up the licensing information and complaint file of the providers you are interested in.  You can do this at the OCFS website under Child Care or by calling the Buffalo Regional Office at 716-847-3828.  Knowing and understanding this information will help you make a more informed child care choice, by obtaining provider work history.  This history is important because you want to choose a provider that you know will provide a loving safe environment for your child(ren).

3.  Visit all of the remaining programs you are interested in.  If you believe your child is old enough to go on the visit with you, be sure to take him or her along.

4.  Contact any providers that you need additional information from.

5.  Pick which provider meets your needs and the needs of the child(ren).  Your child care provider is your choice. Use the child care provider that provides the highest quality care- that meets your standards. 

6.  Establish an on-going positive relationship with your child care provider, and be informed of your child(ren)s day.


Looking for some printable information to aid you in your child care search? Click here for printable copy of the Child Care Plan.

The Child Care Plan 


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