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CARES 3 Child Care Scholarship

The Chautauqua Opportunities Child Care Council and our network of 35 Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) agencies applaud the action of the Office of Children and Family Services and the Cuomo Administration in developing a plan to provide child care to essential workers at no or reduced costs to the worker. This allocation of funding comes to the state from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”), which has provided our state with $163.6 million in emergency relief to the child care system.

Our state is using a portion of this funding to provide child care for essential workers, working 20 or more hours per week, who work outside of the home, at reduced or no cost to the worker. New York State essential workers using a New York State OCFS licensed or registered child care provider will receive a scholarship for the cost of care, up to the market rate, which is contingent on the availability of funds to support it. All licensed and registered providers (not legally-exempt), who are caring for the children of essential workers are able to participate in this new program. Unfortunately, the scholarship cannot cover costs of care provided by private nannies or babysitters. The CARES Child Care Scholarship will be available as long as there are funds to support it or until December 31, 2020.

Essential workers using a regulated child care provider will receive a scholarship for the cost of care as long as the funds to support it are available.  All licensed and regulated providers who are caring for essential workers are able to participate in this new program.

A parent can access the application based on the links below: 

This online application is the first step of the process. Once it is submitted, you will be contacted by a CCR&R within 10 business days to review your responses. Additionally, your CCR&R will discuss any additional documents that you will need to submit to complete your application. This includes: a letter from your employer confirming your employment, gross income, and average hours per week worked as an essential worker (defined under Executive Order 202.6) who does not work at home.

Provider Information Profile (PIP):

This program information profile is an application to be able to accept CARES Scholarship recipients and payments from your local child care resource and referral agency (CCR&R) to care for those children. Completing this application is not a guarantee that additional children will be added to your enrollment. After completion of this program information profile, you will be contacted by your local CCR&R with further information about how you can participate in the program.