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The Business of Child Care 

Operating a child care program can be a rewarding career choice.
The first step is to view an online orientation which will provide information about various child care programs including:
* Family
* Group Family
* Day Care Center
* School Aged
The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) requires that those interested in applying to operate a registered or licensed child care program view the on-line orientation before an application can be requested.

Click here to view the orientation.

The Chautauqua Child Care Council can help you to become a child care provider. Please call (716) 661-9430 ext. 2290.


Legally Exempt Enrollment Services
Do you want to care for a neighbor or relative’s child?
The Chautauqua Child Care Council provides assistance and support for legally exempt child care providers. Legally Exempt child care providers are informal (non-registered or licensed) providers who receive payment from the Department of Social Services to care for a limited number of children.
Enhanced Rate of Pay
Legally Exempt providers are eligible to receive an enhanced rate of pay through the State by completing 10 hours of training annually. Many of the trainings are offered free of charge through the Child Care Council and on-line.
For more information, contact the Program Specialist at (716) 661-9430 ext. 2300 or email